Ostia antica an overlooked archaeological site

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Lazio - Italy by region

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Ostia Antica: The Best Ancient Roman City You’ve Never Heard Of

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Ostia Antica

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Here you may admire an impressive stratification of historical and artistic memories testifying to the life and development of ancient Rome. a guide to ostia antica Imagine having Pompeii to yourself – no crowds, no stampeding hordes of tourists, just you and the cobbled streets of an Ancient Roman town, waiting to be discovered.

Ostia Antica is an archaeological park very similar to Pompeii, only half an hour on the train from Rome. Hadrian's Villa (Villa Adriana in Italian) is a large Roman archaeological complex at Tivoli, Italy.A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the property of the Republic of Italy, and has been directed and run by the Polo Museale del Lazio since December Aug 31,  · Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica: Hours, Address, Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica Reviews: /5.

Europe ; Italy ; Lazio ; Province We took a train from Rome the night before our flight and stayed at a B&B in Ostia. Then went to the site first thing in the morning, then back to the B&B to take the luggage and take a taxi to /5(3K). This site provides tourist and visitor information for Italy, from Piemonte to Sicily.

Hadrian's Villa

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English: Ostia Antica is the ancient harbour of Rome in Italy. The site was divided by excavators in five regions. The site was divided by excavators in five regions. Français: Ostia Antica est le port antique de Rome en Italie.

Ostia antica an overlooked archaeological site
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