Writing an article examples of individual rights

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Other examples of your individual rights described in the Constitution are your right to vote, your right to live wherever you want in the United States, your right to travel, your right to own. Individual rights are rights given to individuals not groups or institutions or nationalities.

I will give some US examples. In the US adult citizens have the right to vote, though states may restrict voting rights. Since the passing of the Human Rights Act () into UK law, the English courts are obliged to follow rulings of the European Court of Human Rights, which presents us with an interesting example of the interplay between domestic and international law in relation to the rights of individuals.

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Examples: individual in a Sentence a highly individual writing style; peculiar applies to qualities possessed only by a particular individual or class or kind and stresses rarity or uniqueness.

They promote a philosophy that sacrifices the rights of the individual for the public welfare.

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Writing an article examples of individual rights
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